With over 25 years experience, the Musclemania® Group of Events offers exhibitors and sponsors promotion opportunities at natural fitness events held throughout the USA and around the world. With these Events attracting over 2,000 fitness competitors, fans, family and friends participant companies selling, displaying and promoting their products and services have the opportunity to reach out to an exclusive and targeted market who’s interests include sports apparel, nutrition and supplementation, training equipment, cosmetics and hygiene, tanning, personal management, vacations and tours and more. And, because these exciting events feature natural, drug-free fitness athletes, participant demographics are generally college educated, high discretionary income and typically loyal product and service consumers.

Exhibitor Rates

Companies can sponsor at various levels including live stage, internet, magazine, television media advertising and product sampling and, of course, many in-person marketing opportunities. Sponsorship and Exhibitor Package available. Please contact us for more details. We welcome your inquiry and look forward to seeing you at the Musclemania® Fitness Australia Weekend.