Congratulations to the lovely Jacqueline Louise Gray on winning the Overall 2016 Model Australia at the Musclemania Australia Championships on the Gold Coast.

After an 18 month absence from competition Jacqueline Gray never looked and felt better. Jacqueline says ” This comp prep has been hard I’ve fallen off more times then I can count. I’ve also had a few outside factors also influencing it, but having said that, I have enjoyed every minute. It was the first comp I got to expertise with my partner Farren O’Brien and that was the best experience in itself.”

One of Jacqueline’s close friends states “Everything she does she absolutely slays. So now she is not only a lawyer and a police officer, she’s a Pro Athlete!”

Jacqueline is part of Gold Coast based Elite Physiques Australia that had an amazing team of athletes competing across the various categories at this years show.

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